RHET AI Reading Series

A Dif­fer­ent Look at AI

"Intel­li­gent" or "learn­ing" sys­tems (AI), such as those used in social media, smart home tech­no­lo­gies, or chat­bots, now shape many areas of our daily lives. They influ­ence us and the design of our envir­on­ment: our school, study, and work envir­on­ments, our per­cep­tion, our sense of secur­ity and sur­veil­lance, and the forms of art and cul­tur­al products that sur­round us. This makes AI a top­ic that receives a great deal of media atten­tion and that many dif­fer­ent groups of people are pub­licly com­ment­ing on: research­ers, politi­cians, authors, journ­al­ists, entrepreneurs… 

The pub­lic dis­course around AI is per­meated by clichés, images and com­par­is­ons, which in turn influ­ence our under­stand­ing and eval­u­ation of AI applications.

As part of the RHET AI read­ing series "A Dif­fer­ent Look at AI", we are now going to thor­oughly clear up this con­ven­tion­al inter­pret­a­tion of AI and its social impact!

In inter­act­ive read­ings, renowned authors will present dif­fer­ent AI scen­ari­os. Experts will then dis­cuss how they are por­trayed in the lit­er­at­ure and devel­op con­tro­ver­sial per­spect­ives on the scen­ario presen­ted. To ensure that the audience's judg­ment is not clouded by pre­con­ceived notions, a phrase alarm ensures the qual­ity of the dis­cus­sion. In addi­tion, the dis­cus­sion can be act­ively influ­enced on site via smart­phone. And we have a few sur­prises in store for a dif­fer­ent per­spect­ive on AI. No pri­or know­ledge required.

A different look at AI