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"Imitation Machines: Writing with AI" — Dr. Markus Gottschling at Science Notes

On Janu­ary 25th, 2024, Dr. Markus Gott­schling was invited to speak at a Sci­ence Notes event in Heidel­berg for the RHET AI Cen­ter. "AI and lan­guage" was the title of the even­ing, which dealt with ques­tions about the devel­op­ment, mod­els, pos­sib­il­it­ies and lim­its of the fusion of lan­guage and AI. Ques­tions that seem to be of burn­ing interest to the people of Heidel­berg. The Heidel­berg Math­em­at­ics and Inform­at­ics Sta­tion (MAINS) – the ven­ue for the event – was packed. In addi­tion to the lec­tures, the even­ing was music­ally accom­pan­ied by the duo Ströme.

In his talk, Markus Gott­schling shed light on cur­rent devel­op­ments in the field of artist­ic AI, as applied, for example, in exper­i­ment­al lit­er­at­ure. In addi­tion to the ques­tion of wheth­er and how AI can be artist­ic­ally act­ive, the lec­ture also dealt with the aspect of co-cre­ativ­ity between humans and machines.

Fur­ther talks were giv­en that even­ing by Kath­rin Passig, Prof. Jan Stüh­mer, Ariana Dongus and Jan Lause.

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